Many of Van Buren’s attractions revolve around its historical background and wilderness setting. Hunting, fishing, animal watching and almost anything that can be performed outdoors, is enhanced in Van Buren by its surroundings because of its booming animal population and natural beauty.

Acadian Village- The Acadian Village is listed on the National Registry for the Preservation of Historical Landmarks. It retains much of the cultural heritage of the Acadians of the Saint John Valley settled during the mid-eighteenth century. Symbolically “A” shaped with a replica of a log chapel at its apex, the village contains several dwellings, a general store, a country schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, a museum, a gristmill, a woolcarding mill and several other buildings. The village setting overlooks the beautiful Saint John River.

The settlement reflects and incorporates those traits inherent to the Acadians. These skills include fishing, lumbering, and ship building. The nautical feature of “ships knees”, used for supportive purposes on the ships, can be seen in the constructions of both the “Morneault House”.

The surrounding area provides for ample parking as well as a picnic area.

ATV/Snowmobile trails- Van Buren is no exception from the rest of Northern Maine, with its stunning collection of ATV and snowmobile trails. Whether you’re a first timer, or experienced rider, Van Buren’s trails offer a wide range of riding intensity. Because of the popularity of ATV and snowmobile riding in the area, there are many conveniences that have been set up, in order to secure the most enjoyable experience possible. Conveniences such as gas stations, restaurants, and rest areas, have been set up along, and near trails.

Long Lake- On the outskirts of Van Buren lays beautiful Long Lake. Also shared by the towns of Madawaska, and St. Agatha, Van Buren’s section of the lake is separated from the other towns, as there are no roads that connect the town to the two others. Accessible only by dirt roads from Van Buren, the “Van Buren Cove” is truly a beautiful and breathtaking experience. This experience is added on to by the fact that it is so secluded and isolated from all, except other “Van Buren Cove” residents, and Mother Nature herself.

Split Cedar Trail- The Split Cedar trail system is a great place for people to walk, bike, hike, kayak and ATV in a safe scenic environment during the summer months. In the winter it becomes a great groomed cross-country skiing area offering a 10K and multiple short routes to accommodate all skiing levels. It also has snowshoe availabilities and a parking area at the end of a dead end road. It is a tranquil location, which is used extensively during the winter months for cross-country skiing by area youth and adults. This multi-use trail is a jewel of the community now that it is complete. With everything a person looks for in Healthy Alternatives within a stones throw of downtown Van Buren. As we all know the rate of obesity is on the increase in Maine and without safe locations like the Split Cedar trail the problem will only get worse. It is a nice place to decrease the barriers physical activity by offering our students, parents, and employees to take advantage of other forms of transportation other than motorized vehicles. The location of the trial system is at the end of St. Mary’s Road off of Castonguay Road. There is no cost to use the area and all are welcome to enjoy. Land management ask that users be responsible, safe, and bring out more than you bring in!

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