There are excellent hunting, fishing, canoeing, and swimming opportunities within an easily accessible area of Van Buren. The streams, lakes and ponds are full of trout, togue, and salmon. Long Lake, only twelve miles from the center of town, is well known throughout the State of Maine as an excellent fishery.

Van Buren offers thousands of acres of bountiful hunting, including black bear, white tail deer, and moose. Small game such as partridge (grouse) and rabbit abound. Ducks and geese are plentiful as well.

The Saint John River, which borders Van Buren and the Canadian town of Saint Leonard, provides canoeing and boating enjoyment for many. The waterway is accessed from a public boat landing and also harbors a Sea Plane Base.

To compliment the area's natural beauty are many organized recreational activities. Baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and tennis are just a few of the many activities available. The Van Buren Recreation and Parks Department owns, or has access to, the following activities:

  • Auditoriums (1)
  • Baseball Fields (2)
  • Basketball Courts (1 outdoor lighted, 4 indoor)
  • Boat Landings (1 on the Saint John River and 1 at Long Lake)
  • Gymnasiums (4)
  • Public Skating and Hockey Rink (1 outdoor lighted)
  • Playgrounds (2)
  • ATV Trails (approx. 15 miles plus hundreds of logging roads throughout the area)
  • Snowmobile Trails (75 miles maintained in Van Buren-over 365 miles in Northern Maine)
  • Soccer Fields (2)
  • Softball Fields (1 lighted)
  • Tennis Courts (4 lighted)
  • Weight Room (1)

Across the river in Saint Leonard is an excellent swimming pool complex, an indoor skating and hockey rink and an excellent cross country ski trail system. Only eight miles to the southeast in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, is a newly expanded 18 hole golf course complete with a beautiful club house.

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